Client project for Jose Cuervo at Albion London // User Experience

Howl is 'the easiest way to get your mates together for a night out'. Aimed at 18-25 year olds, the concept is to encourage the instigators in any social group to rally their friends, by inviting them to a location on Foursquare.

Building on social dynamics we observed in research, the app plays on the competitive element within (particularly male) social groups. They are like a 'pack', and friends vie for social points and leadership. With a humorous angle, points are scored for being more sociable (and lost for being antisocial) leading you to be a better or worse animal character in your pack. No one wants to be a worm. Being a suave lion, however, is pretty cool.

The app was produced for Jose Cuervo Tequila, but deliberately intended as 'utility first, brand second'. The down-playing of the brand was based on research, where we found significant aversion to or distrust for overly branded apps.

I led the user experience development, from early concept sketches through user testing to refined wireframes. I also worked closely with the visual designer on delivering a stylish, polished experience.